Cinco De Mayo

by Campus Teez |

What do you get when you mix Patron and Taco Bell?  Well, you get sick.  But you also get our new Cinco De Mayo design.  Both tees & tanks available.Tequila tank

Campus Classics No. 2

by Campus Teez |

The new Brewtica shirt is the second installment of our "Campus Classics" series.   We're only printing a limited amount so get one before they're gone for good.

Campus Classics No. 1

by Campus Teez |

This is the first installment of our "Campus Classics" series. We're releasing some new shirts that look like the ones they sell in your college bookstore, but have our spin on them.  Message us to request one for your school!


by D.J. O'Leary |

The other day we posted the below picture on Facebook and had people guess how many stickers were in the pile.  Ryder Nelson from Bryant University correctly guessed that there were 83 stickers.  

Ryder, when you see this, please message us on our Facebook page so we can get your shipping info.  You won a free tee, hat, some stickers, and a couple koozies.


P.s.  Anyone who guessed over 200 needs to lay off the sauce.


Sticker contest