Campus Classics No. 5

by Campus Teez |

Send it!  This is the fifth installment of our "Campus Classics" series: SENDICOTT.  Also available in shortsleeves.
Sendicott longsleeve

Campus Classics No. 4

by Campus Teez |

Presenting the fourth installment of our "Campus Classics" series: DRUNHK.  Your parents are gonna be thrilled when you come home for Columbus Day with this one. Only printing 200.

Drunhk tee

Campus Classics No. 3

by Campus Teez |

This new ZooMass longsleeve is the third installment of our "Campus Classics" series.  There are over 20k students at The Zoo and we're only printing 100 shirts. Act fast.

Fuquette Let's Drink

by Campus Teez |

We're releasing a new version of one of our most popular designs: "Fuquette Let's Drink".  If you go to a certain jesuit school in Wisconsin, you might want to grab one of these asap.  We're only printing 200.

Fuquette tee

Cinco De Mayo

by Campus Teez |

What do you get when you mix Patron and Taco Bell?  Well, you get sick.  But you also get our new Cinco De Mayo design.  Both tees & tanks available.Tequila tank