by D.J. O'Leary |

Over the next few months, we're going to release some designs related to all the great crap that makes up the college diet. We want to make some shirts with crazy colors that aren't found in college logos and therefore we don't get to use in our usual designs.


As for the style of these new designs....  


During my senior year of college, I had an 8am finance class that was mind-numbing.  I would doodle in my notebook for most of the class just to keep myself awake.  Since I sat in the front row, it was pretty obvious when I wasn't paying attention and the professor would always give me a hard time.  As a tribute to Professor Holmes from RWU --wherever he may be-- this series of designs will be done in a doodle style similar to the ones in my old college notebooks.  I bet he never thought those doodles would be more beneficial than whatever he was yapping about.  Holmes, if you read this, message us about getting a tee on the house.